About Us

Upon entering the doors at Sushi Coast patrons are immediately taken in by the vivid framed watercolor and ceramic artwork on the boldly colored walls. The art work, said owner Oscar Salazar, provided the inspiration for the restaurant’s motif.
“You’ve got to experience our atmosphere” Salazar said. “It’s modern, upbeat and trendy.”

Get comfy in a cozy booth, sit at a stand alone table or get front row seating at the sushi bar for a view of the third art form, the food. Salazar credits most of the Sushi Coast creations, especially the signature rolls, to veteran Sushi Chef Luis Gaona.

Gaona brings his Hispanic heritage literally, to the table. He enjoys adding a Mexican flair to his food. So don’t be surprised if you find a jalapeno kick in certain dishes. Chef Gaona’s specialties include Mooki Maui Maki (spicy salmon, steamed shrimp and avocado rolled with orange, red and black tobiko); Papi Maki(“An incredible one,” said Salazar. It’s made with salmon, avocado, cream cheese, pickled jalapeno and smelt roe. The whole roll is lightly fried in tempura batter and topped with teriyaki sauce); and their signature roll, Sushi Coast Maki (spicy salmon, crab, avocado, cilantro, fresh jalapeno, spicy sauce and tempura flakes).

So are these Mexican-infused rolls spicy? “Oh yeah,” said Salazar. “They’re just the right amount of hot.”

However, for the more timid at heart, they also have traditional rolls and some non-spicy originals such as the Spider Roll, Honey Tuna Roll, Rock-N-Roll and the Bruce Maki (made with fresh salmon and Fuji apples). “I love that one. The sweetness of the Fuji apples bring out a lot of the flavor,” Salazar said.

Throughout the interview when asked to list examples, Salazar’s enthusiasm was genuine. It is obvious that he is passionate about not only the presentation of the restaurant, but more importantly, about the food that his restaurant offersߨ
If sushi doesn’t cut it for you, the menu has a variety of cooked concoctions as well. Salazar said, “Our kitchen is fantastic, too. Everything is made from scratch, and rib-eye is the only beef we use for all our beef dishes.”

At the top of Salazar’s list was the Yaki Soba (Japanese stir fried noodles with thinly sliced beef and vegetables. “It’s topped with sesame seeds and sauce which make it incredible,” Two other favorites include Katsu Don (a pork cutlet over rice with egg) and the beef teriyaki ( to which he described: “The teriyaki beef blew me away.”)
Sushi Coast lunch patrons can enjoy moderately priced lunch specials including shrimp tempura, combination platters and Bento Boxes – choose from beef, salmon, chicken or shrimp Teriyaki. This dish comes with shrimp tempura, miso soup and a salad with miso dressing. It’s a lot of food.

Dessert is a “must”. The Sushi Coast crew came up with a few originals and some oldies with new twists. Give your mouth a treat with the rice pudding, tempura-fried Oreos and ice cream, the cheesecake tempura, and the tropical roll (ice cream wrapped in shortcake layered with bananas, strawberries and kiwi fruit).  Come to the Coast, you’ll have a great time”