Rolls and Hand Rolls

Hand rolls are not pictured here, but can be made in almost every variety

Alaska $ 5.99Smoked salmon, crab and cucumber
Asparagus Roll $ 6.49Boiled shrimp, asparagus, magic spinach and smelt roe
Avocado $ 4.99Avocado
Bruce Maki $ 6.49Fresh salmon and fuji apple. delicious

California $ 4.99Crab, cucumber and avocado
Caterpillar $ 8.99Fresh water eel and avocado with teriyaki sauce
Cherry Maki $ 7.49Avocado, Fuji apple, crab and cream cheese
Cucumber $ 3.99Fresh cucumber
Ebi Roll $ 5.99Steamed shrimp, cucumber, japanese mayonnaise and smelt roe
Eel Avocado $ 6.49Cooked eel and avocado topped with teriyaki sauce

Famous Spider Roll $ 7.49Fried soft shell crab, japanese mayonnaise, cucumber and smelt roe
Futo Maki $ 5.99Crab, tamago, vegetables and japanese pink sugar
Hana Roll $ 5.49Salmon, crab and avocado
Haru Maki $ 5.99Fresh salmon, cream cheese and avocado
Honey Tuna Roll $ 6.49Tuna sweetened with teriyaki sauce, avocado and smelt roe
House Roll $ 5.49Crab, cucumber, avocado and smelt roe
Nikko Maki $ 8.99Spicy tuna roll with scallions. The whole roll is lightly fried in Japanese tempura batter and topped with teriyaki sauce. Delicioso !!!
Oshinko $ 3.99Pickled yellow radish
Philadelphia Maki $ 6.49Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado and onion

Riko Maki $ 6.49Tuna, salmon, avocado and smelt roe topped with teriyaki sauce

Rock-n-Roll $ 5.49Shrimp tempura and cucumber with japanese mayonnaise
Sake Explosion $ 6.99Hot spicy salmon with scallions and smelt roe
Salmon Nikko Maki $ 8.49Salmon inside, rice outside. The whole roll is lightly fried in japanese tempura batter and topped with teriyaki sauce. Delicioso !!!
Scallop Explosion $ 6.99Hot spicy scallops with scallions and smelt roe
Spicy Kani $ 7.49Spicy crab and green onions
Spicy Tuna Roll $ 5.99Sushi coast spicy tuna
Spicy Yellow Tail $ 5.99Spicy yellow tail and scallions
Texas Roll $ 6.99Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, fresh jalapeno, scallions chili sauce and smelt roe
Tuna Roll $ 5.49Just plain tuna roll
Vegetable Roll $ 4.99Green beans, carrots, cucumber, squash, spinach and avocado

Wild Tiger $ 6.99Fresh salmon, cream cheese and fresh jalapeno