AGEDASHI TOFU $ 4.49Fried bean curd topped with deep fried fish flakes, green onions and special sauce

ASPARAGUS BATAYAKI $ 6.99Asparagus sauteed in butter sauce

BEEF NEGIMA YAKI $ 7.99Broiled beef rolls stuffed with green onions and carrots topped with teriyaki sauce

CHICKEN KARA AGE $ 4.49Fried marinated chicken chunks topped with teriyaki sauce

CHILEAN SEA BASS $ 12.99Broiled Chilean sea bass marinated with miso

CREAM CHEESE PUFFS $ 4.99Fried egg roll skins stuffed with crabmeat, shrimp and cream cheese with our own sweet chili sauce for dipping

DYNAMITE BOWL $ 7.99Spicy tuna with cucumber, white radish and green onion

EBI- SU $ 5.99Boiled shrimp and cucumber served with vinegar dressing

EDAMAME $ 3.49Boiled and salted Green Soy Beans

EGG ROLLS $ 3.992 Fried chinese style egg rolls with our own sweet chili sauce for dipping

FRIED WASABI TUNA $ 7.99Fresh tuna and diced shrimp rolled in a wonton skin and lightly fried. Served with wasabi sauce and cut in 6 pieces
GREEN VEGETABLES $ 6.49Sauteed green vegetables

GYOZA $ 4.99Pork pan fried dumplings with ponzu sauce

GYUTATAKI $ 7.99Sliced charbroiled rare beef with ponzu sauce
KANI TOPPING $ 7.49Spicy shredded crab, crunch, and green onions

MISO SALMON $ 7.49Raw salmon, asparagus and cucumber mixed with soy bean sauce

MISO TUNA $ 7.99Raw tuna, asparagus and cucumber mixed with soy bean sauce

NACHO’S CALIENTE ROLL $ 8.99Crab, asparagus, masago and black tobiko all rolled in thin sliced pork and lightly fried. Comes with Nacho’s chili sauce

PANCO FRIED IKA (SQUID) $ 4.49Tender pieces of panco fried squid with tonkatsu sauce
SASHIMI VARIETY $ 9.992 tuna, 2 salmon, 2 spicy crab

SCALLOPS BATAYAKI $ 6.99Scallops sauteed in butter sauce

SEAFOOD TEMPURA $ 6.99Squid, scallop, shrimp, crabmeat and white fish
SHRIMP KUBOS $ 7.49Chopped shrimp, onion, and carrots lightly fried in tempura batter

SHRIMP LAMPS $ 9.993 delicious asparagus spears encrusted with shrimp and seasonings then panco fried. Comes with Sushi Coast spicy sauce

SHRIMP TEMPURA $ 5.99Jumbo shrimp lightly fried in Japanese batter

SHUMAI $ 5.49Japanese shrimp dumplings with ponzu sauce

SOFT SHELL CRAB $ 6.49Deep fried soft shell crab. Comes with special sauce

SPICY MUSSEL $ 6.49Spicy chopped green shell mussels
SPINACH GOMAAE $ 3.99Spinach and sesame sauce

TAKO- SU $ 5.99Octopus and cucumber served with vinegar dressing

VEGETABLES TEMPURA $ 3.99Vegetables lightly fried in Japanese batter

YAKITORI $ 4.49Bamboo skewered broiled chicken with yakitori sauce